About TECHNOLUX Equipment & Supply Corp.

TECHNOLUX Equipment & Supply Corp.

What started as a humble distributorship of imported food service and laundry equipment over thirty years ago has now gone on to evolve into something much more: a steadfast and trusted business partner to its many satisfied clients, providing three decades worth of unparalleled service quality above and beyond what is required by the many companies that it serves.

Now, TECHNOLUX Equipment & Supply Corp. is one of the country’s largest distributors that supply a complete line of Foodservice, Small Wares, Laundry and Cleaning Equipment to hotels, resorts, hospitals, manufacturing & servicing plants, restaurants, fast food chains, and various businesses and hospitality institutions.

TECHNOLUX is staffed by sales personnel to handle the sales activities and technical staff to handle all the necessary pre-sale and after-sale technical services. Technical service capabilities include preparation of all pre-sale essentials, (e.g. layouts, installation drawings, etc.) installation, erection-supervision & commissioning of the equipment and most importantly after-sales service (original spare parts and maintenance service).

The company has a total manpower complement of over two hundred employees which include over 30 Sales Personnel and over a hundred Engineering and Service Staff with an additional support of 12 Service Providers scattered in strategic areas around the archipelago; ready to cater to our client’s needs.

It has been said that a man is judged by the company he keeps. The same can be said for a corporation such as Technolux, which through its commitment to product & service excellence and genuine client relations has found itself in the company of some of the most impressive clients across the hospitality industries. This customer list is matched by an equally impressive list of prestigious manufacturers worldwide who have trusted Technolux to exclusively represent them in the Philippines.

Technolux together with its principal partners abroad are always in constant communication for technological updates, product trainings, product development, original spare parts and high quality after-sales services. This guarantees our customers of our competence and reliability in servicing their business needs.

After over 30 years of unrivaled service in the Philippines, Technolux launched another first on February 28, 2008 with the formal inauguration of Technolux Trading LLC, making it the very first Filipino-owned and operated company to provide after-sales service for kitchen and laundry equipment in Dubai. Technolux quickly earned the customer confidence and trust, and will soon broaden its horizon to include equipment distribution.

Today, Technolux keeps its pristine image by putting customers at the top of its list. It continues to live by its values of delivering quality products and services to its clients and its people. This philosophy has ensured the company of growth for more than 30 years and shall continue to live by it for years to come.

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